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Swedish/relaxation massage

Also known as the traditional, classical, or therapeutic massage, this is best for improving movement and blood flow to the muscles. The goal is to improve circulation and promote relaxation through manipulating soft tissue.

The perfect antidote to the stresses of life.

60 min - $89

Aroma Life Massage

Using a range of essential oils to target specific concerns and to assist with balancing the total body and mind. Aroma life massages incorporate both face and head pressure points.

60 min - $100 / 75 min - $125

~ Your Choice of blended oils ~
Combining Sweet almond oil, Sunflower oil, Soya bean, Grapefruit essential oil and Vitamin E to assist in detoxifying the body from daily exposure to everyday pollutants and increasing the body’s natural defence systems. The oil easily absorbs into the skin to boost and stimulate the circulation and lymphatic systems. Working to relieve and breakdown water retention, purifying the body and reduce the appearance and accumulation of cellulite. With the active benefits of Vitamin E to strengthen the skin and act as natural hydrator and re- condition the skins surface.
Combining Sweet almond oil, Sunflower oil, Soya bean, Lime essential oil, Orange sweet essential oil and Vitamin E for a truly relaxing experience. A great way to unwind the body and aid to relax the mind and spirit for a great night’s sleep or a true calming therapy treatment. This citrus balancing blend reduces tension and has an instant calming and refreshing effect, promoting a calm energy and mental clarity.
Combining Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Desert Lime essential oil, Rosemary essential oil & Vitamin E for an uplifting and anti-aging experience. Purifying and cleansing to release toxins and built-up endorphins from the system, the natural oils enhance circulation, reduce blood pressure, and improve mental clarity and concentration. Also, a super, natural moisturizer, the oil deeply nourishes and conditions the skin and helps to rejuvenate dry, aging, and dull, devitalised skin, keeping the skin and body remineralized, radiant, and youthful.

Hot stone massage

An ancient therapy that uses centuries-old volcanic rocks to deliver a massage unlike anything you have experienced before. The heat and movement are ideally suited to treating tired aching muscles restoring balance and ridding the body of toxins. This is countered with the application of cool marble to the facial area acting as a vasoconstrictor – brightening and tightening your entire face. Expect a great night’s sleep after this treatment.

60 min - $110 / 75 min - $129

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