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The Art of Rituals

Combines several our services to enhance your experience.

Body and Face Indulge

Soothe tension from your body with a back neck shoulder massage. Then follow with a custom facial including cleansing, exfoliation, facial mask, serum and moisturising.

60 min - $99

Body and Face Restore

Restore your body with a walnut back scrub enriched with Jojoba, Shea butter, Orange & Lemon essential oil. Let your tension melt away with a back, neck and shoulder massage. Then surrender to ultimate relaxation with a Botanical facial. Approximately 30 mins for back/neck/shoulder massage, 15 mins for scrub and 45 mins for facial.

90 min - $149

Body and Face nourish

A true well-being treatment combining a custom facial and full body Aroma-Life massage. Top-to-toe indulgence to deliver deep skin nourishment. Inspired to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin all while recharging, relaxing and rebalancing the mind and body.

120 min - $179

Body scrub and cocoon

Restore your skin’s natural glow with a decadent body treatment. This includes the combination of dry brushing your entire body, and then exfoliation using a natural body scrub with hot towels to gently polish away dead skin. This is followed by a hydrating full body mask and relaxing cocoon that will ultimately leave your skin feeling hydrated, toned and nourished.

60 min - $120

Additional add-on services

Indian Head Massage

Based on Ayurveda principles this deeply relaxing treatment helps alleviate stress and tension. It incorporates classic massage movements and traditional marma pressure points. This healing treatment not only works on the scalp as the name suggests but also on the face, shoulders, upper back, and arms. Oils are chosen after consultation to complement your dosha characteristics.

40 min (includes 10 min client dosha consult) - $60

Foot indulgence

The ultimate foot pamper! Includes a warming foot soak, gentle cleanse, and then a sugar- scrub to buff away dead skin. A full foot massage, mask and moisturiser complete the experience. Ideal add-on to a facial or massage.

30 min - $50

Crystal eye treatment

This hyaluronic eye mask paired with crystal eye massage is the ideal add-on to any one of our treatments.


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